Poster Contest 2011

25 research groups participated in the BREACH 2011 poster contest.

Below you can find find their posters (alphabetical order, based on first author).





HIV-1 co-receptor tropism in recently diagnosed patients: correlates of CXCR4-use, impact of subtype and indications for X4/DM virus tansmission.

Chalmet K, Dauwe K, Foquet L, Van Der Gucht B, Vogelaers D, Plum J, Vandekerckhove L, Verhofstede C.

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Poor reproducibility of HIV-1 low-level viraemia results with 3 commercial real-time PCR assays.

Ruelle J, Debaisieux L, Vancutsem E, De Bel A, Goubau P.

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A full length cytoplasmatic tail in the transmembrane glycoprotein of human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) is mandatory in vivo but not in vitro.

Bakouche Nordine, Vandenbroucke AT, de Sany P, Ruelle J.

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A premature stop codon in env human immunodeficiency virus type 2 (HIV-2) enhances the replication capacity in vitro.

Bakouche Nordine, de Sany P, Ruelle J.

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HJ16 induced resistant virus displays rare N276D mutation highlighting the conserved nature of this new CD4bs epitope.

Balla-Jhagjhoorsingh S, Willems B, Heyndrickx L, Vereecken K, Grupping K, Corti D, Davis D, Vanham G (BMGF CAVD UCL Vaccine Discovery  Consortium).

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A semi-automated system to query distributed heterogeneous viral databases.

Beheydt G, Schülter E, Imbrechts S, Abecasis A, Codoner FM, Paraskevis D, Sönnerborg A, Vandamme AM, Kjær J.

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Monitoring of a local HIV-1 epidemic by uniting molecular, clinical and epidemiological data shows alarming contribution of onward transmission in MSM.

Chalmet K, Staelens D, Blot S, Dinakis S, Pelgrom J, Plum J, Vogelaers D, Vandekerckhove L, Verhostede C.

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Liposomal transfection of dendritic cells with gag mRNA stimulates HIV-1 specific immune responses.

De Haes W, Pollard C, Merlin C, Rejman J, De Smedt S, Grooten J, Vanham G, De Koker S, Van Gulck E.

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Down regulation of CD 38 activation markers by atorvastatin in well-suppressed HIV patients.

De Wit Stéphane, Delforge M, Necsoi C, Clumeck N.

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The prevalence of multidrug and full class resistance is decreasing during the last decade in HIV-1 infected patients in Portugal.

Feng Y, Vercauteren J, Carvalho AP, Diogo I, Gomes P, Vandamme AM, Camacho RP (Portuguese HIV Frug Resistance Study Group).

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From transfer to transition: the experience of a care setting for young adults living with HIV since childhood in Belgium.

Gennotte AF, Semaille P, Clumeck N.

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Chimeric HIV-1 viruses as a research tool.

Heyndrickx L, Van Gulck E, Bracke L, Ariën K, Van Den Bergh R, Vanham G.

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Quantifying vaginal flora species with real time PCR for HIV prevention trials.

Jespers V, Menten J, Verhelst R, Smet H, Poradosu S, Buvé A, Hardy L, Crucitti T.

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High prevalence and incidence of oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in a cohort of African HIV-positive women in Belgium.

Konopnicki D, Manigart Y, Gilles C, de Marchin J, Delforge M, Feoli F, Barlow P, DE Wit S, Clumeck N.


Provider initiated HIV-testing and counseling among sub-Saharan African migrants in Flanders.

Manirankunda L, Loos J, Nöstlinger C.

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Multicentric Castleman disease: unusual clinical presentations and outcome in 6 recent cases.

Martin C, Konopnicki D, De Wit S, Clumeck N.


Systematic development of a computerized sexual risk reduction intervention with people living with HIV: the 'CISS' intervention (Eurosupport 6).

Nöstlinger C, Platteau T, Colebunders B, Borms R (Eurosupport 6 Study Group).

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Experiencing discrimination when information needs are unmet: results from the Eurosupport 5 study.

Nöstlinger C, Rojas D, Platteau T (Eurosupport Study Group).

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Eurosupport 5: regional differences in service provision for people living with HIV in Europe.

Platteau T, Stanekova D, Izdebski Z, Dedes N, Dec J, Nöstlinger C (Eurosupport 5 Study Group).

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Use of gag-encoding mRNA complexed with non-viral carriers as a novel immunization strategy for HIV-1.

Pollard C, Van Gulck E, De Haes W, Heyndrickx L, Merlin C, Coppens S, Rejman J, De Smedt S, Vanham G, Grooten J, De Koker S.

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In vitro activity of candidate microbicides against cell-associated HIV.

Selhorst P, Grupping K, Michiels J, Ariën K, Vanham G.

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Phenotypic assay using the Casy TT:cell counter and analyser. HIV-2 as a model.

Triqueneaux P, Ruelle J.

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Immune correlates of unusual control of viral replication after cessation of HAART.

Van Gulck E, Heyndrickx L, Merlin C, Coppens S, Atkinson D, Florence E, Buvé A, Vanham G.

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European guidelines on the clinical management of HIV-1 tropism testing.

Vandekerckhove L, Wensing AM, Kaiser R, Brun-Vézinet F, Clotet B, De Luca A, Dressler S, Garcia F, Geretti AM, Klimkait T, Korn K, Masquelier B, Perno CF, Schapiro JM, Soriano V, Sönnerborg AM, Vandamme AM, Verhofstede C, Walter H, Zazzi M, Boucher CA (European Consensus Group on Clinical Management of Tropism Testing).

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FAQ IT!: a venue based HIV prevalence study among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Flanders, Belgium.

Vanden Berghe W, Nöstlinger C, Buvé A, Beelaert G, Fransen K, Laga M.

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