Posters 2018

AuthorTitleBasic ScienceClinical ScienceSocial Science
Carolien Wylock, Christina Joosten, Hilde Mahieu, Myriam Willems, Rita Verstraeten,  Philippe LouagieWorld AIDS Day 2017': an online survey to evaluate knowledge about HIV  x
Gerard E, Martin T., Louhenapessy M, Kouadio T. PrEp for Migrants: Report on the issue of PrEP among SAM in Brussels  x
Anne-Catherine Slangen, Fabian Cataldo, Sarah Swannet, Jason Donohue, Antoine Roba, Isabelle Hermans, Michel MoutschenSAM's Pathways for Progress and Well-being (Phase I): Leveraging patients' Values and Social-Cultural Context to Promote Long-term Retention in HIV Care and ART Adherence  x
Van Beckhoven D., Fransen K., Verhofstede C., Delforge ML., Van Den Wijngaert S., Pierard D., Hayette MP., Van Ranst M., Dessilly G., Apers H., Loos J., Sasse A., Deblonde J.Who is diagnosing who? Data from the national HIV surveillance, Belgium, 2016-17 x 
E. Lam, B. Cantinieaux, S. De Wit, C. MartinMalaria in HIV infected patients: a matched case-control study in a non-endemic setting x 
Yasser Farid , Charlotte Martin, Marc Delforge, Ste┬┤phane De Wit
Epidemiology and clinical management of HBV-HIV co-infected patients in a large AIDS Reference Center in Brussels x 
S.J. Vermeersch, R Demeester, S. Callens, S. De Wit, L. AnnemansValue-Based Financing of Integrated Care for Persons Living with HIV  x
S.J. Vermeersch, R Demeester, S. Callens, S. De Wit, L. AnnemansQuantifying the impact of Reduced Investments in Integrated HIV Care Delivery in Belgium  x
Sophie Lorea, Sophie Henrard, Isabel Montesinos, Jean-Christophe GoffardSimultaneous detection of multiple sexually transmitted infections (STIs) pathogens with Taqman Array Card (TAC) compared to traditional methods x 
Anne Bruggemans, Gerlinde Vansant, Irena Zurnic, Zeger Debyser, KU Leuven, Molecular Virology and Gene TherapyComparing latency profiles of HIV-1 and HIV-2x  
De Scheerder M-A, Van Hecke C, Rutsaert S, Vrancken B, Sips M, Zettenberg H, Fuchs D, Palmer S, Lemey P, Gisslen M, Vandekerckhove LThe effect of analytical treatment interruption on neuro inflammation, restriction factor expression and reservoir size in hiv infected individuals.x  
De Scheerder M-A,Van Herreweghe S, Caluwe E, De Rick A, Vandekerckhove LHow do participants experience analytical treatment interruption trials: lessons learned from the HIV-star study  x